How to Change Your Username on AOL?

You cannot Change Your Username on AOL which you had mentioned while creation of AOL Mail accounts. However, if you no longer want to use one of the additional usernames connected to your primary account, you may delete it at any time and select the new one. This enables you to change the username you are using for AOL account. If you don’t understand the process of doing it, then simply make cold conversation with deft engineers who are extra talented and have much experience.

You know, every AOL account has a space for seven screen names or you can say usernames: one primary plus six others. The primary name is the one you choose when you first joined AOL. Moreover, the primary name is permanent that cannot be changed no matter how much you want to but the rest sex names may come and go as you please. You may have to Reset AOL Mail Account to beat your hurdles effortlessly or else read out this article carefully.

Steps To Change Your Username on AOL

Change Your Username on AOL

Have a glimpse on the below points and follow those methods properly. Your query will surely be ended up.

  • Delete a Username and Create A New One
  • First of all login to “My Account” with using your master username and password
  • Now, enter the answer to your account security question and click “Continue”
  • Select “Manage My Usernames” under Username options
  • Now, click the “X” from the delete column
  • After that click “Delete” to confirm that you want to remove the account
  • Now, type the username you want to use in the “Add a Screen Name box” in Manage Usernames
  • Now, click the “Add” button
  • After that a confirmation message will be appeared to verify the change

Change Your Display Name

  • Firstly login to AOL account with entering the correct username and password
  • Now, select “Options” and then click “Mail Settings”
  • Select “Compose”
  • Enter the name you want people to see when they receive your email messages
  • After that click “Save” settings

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