How To Fix Email Server Closed Connection Unexpectedly Issue?

Server closed connection problem is one of the most common categories of mailing issues. Here, we have discussed the reasons of why this error is returned in cPanel servers, how to identify this issue, and how to Email Server Closed Connection Unexpectedly Issue. So, if you encounter such hurdle while accessing your Email account, then just go through this blog completely and know the easiest way to eradicate it.

Such an error message displays on the page when you are trying to access your mailbox via cPanel webmail facility by using Horde mail client. You are facing this error because the corrupted mailbox files are present in that particular email address. Every created email address on the domain has its own mail directory which stores different files of each associated email addresses. So, you have to navigate to the mail folder of that particular email address which is creating an issue. After doing such thing, your issue will be annihilated from the root. But if still issue remains, try to grab Email Customer Service. One of our well-professional techies will provide you a handy solution.

Facing Email Server Closed Connection Unexpectedly Issue

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There are 4-reasons why Email returns “Server unexpectedly terminated connection”. All of those causes are mentioned below. So, just have a glimpse:

  • Customer IP blocked in Server Firewall
  • Customer’s PC antivirus blocking connection
  • Customer’s PC firewall settings
  • Corrupted Email profile

StepsTo Fix Email Server Closed Connection Unexpectedly Issue

Are you wandering for knowing the actual steps of eradicating this nasty issue? If so, then stop wherever you are and take a look at the below points:

Login To Your Domain cPanel Section: To do it, follow the below-mentioned points

  • Open the web browser first and type the official site of cPanel domain
  • Now, replace the word “domain” with your own domain name
  • After that, you will see the cPanel login page
  • Now, enter the username and password into the required field

Open The File Manager Feature In cPanel And Eradicate The Corrupted Files

  • Tap on “File Manager”
  • Select “Web Root” directory
  • Check on “Show Hidden File”
  • Click on “Go” button
  • Now, navigate to the mail folder and open that particular email’s directory which is having an issue
  • Find the “dovecot.index” file
  • And then rename it

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Get In Touch With Our Technicians To Grab Instant Solution

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Once you go through the above steps one-by-one, you such a suddenly server closed connection will be resolved. But in case you are yet experiencing the same glitch, then give a ring at Email Support Number immediately. You will be proffered the blue-chip service at an affordable cost by our technician’s hand.